Whether you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, or you like to think of your art as a light hobby, you are in the right place. We are offering a quality studio program for people interested in learning outside the academy. Our goal is your progress, at your chosen pace, and it is crucial that you share your aspirations with us!  

 Drawing I  Drawing I
Drawing II Drawing II
Drawing III: Figure Drawing III: Figure
Painting Acrylic Painting Acrylic
Painting Oil Painting Oil
Painting II Painting II
Open Studio Open Studio
Open Studio Figure Open Studio Figure
Lecture Series Lecture Series


Beginners’ courses focus on hands-on learning at the student’s pace, and of course, the joy of creating. Please remember that drawing and painting are SKILLS: like learning how to drive, you need practice in order to develop. Enjoy the learning process and your skills will spontaneously evolve. Learn the rules, so you can break them with mastery.

In advanced courses we will utilize and build upon skill while delving into more complex experiments, like transposition and abstraction. We will also start to tackle contemporary art, and your place in it—if this is something that interests you. Furthermore, we will be organizing lectures that will give you some insight into theoretical debates on art, as well as help you venture into understanding contemporary art and discussing what today’s art discourse is all about. These lectures will be opened to anyone who wants to learn, even if you are not taking the studio courses.


Our syllabi are carefully designed to be comprehensive, encompassing the ins-and-outs of the subject matter.  While each class introduces students to new concepts and techniques, continuous work at the studio will, through guided diligence, ensure that you master the material in question.

If you desire to develop your skill set seriously, we recommend that you start from the beginning: with DRAWING I.  That said, although the learning curve is continuous, it is not in all cases necessary. Depending on your goals, you may choose to jump straight into PAINTING I or, if you have previous experience, into ADVANCED PAINTING or FIGURE DRAWING.

Call us if you need help deciding what course to take!

Arrivals: Please arrive 5-10 min early to set up your working space; instructors will start their lectures promptly at the beginning of each class.

What to bring and what to wear: Please bring your supplies as instructed. Please try not to come in nice clothes. We have aprons, but accidental splashes do occur.

Age: You may attend our adult courses if you are 16 or older.

Switching between groups: Changing your group is not allowed throughout the duration of a course. If you are ill or for other reasons cannot attend your class, you are welcome to make up for lost hours on Open Studio days. Your instructor will email you with the class handouts.

Cancellations: Please, make sure that you know your schedule before signing up, and that you can actually attend the course. We do understand that there are unpredictable circumstances sometimes, but these should be rare, and the cancellation policy is there to protect buyers might such unpredictable circumstances arise. In this case you may cancel your reservation up to 2 weeks prior to the start time of the course. You may choose to be fully refunded (minus PayPal fees we paid for the initial transaction), or to get Aartwerk Credit valid for six months, or to attend another course of the same (or lower) value. No one will be refunded after this. No one will be refunded twice in a row.

Please note: you cannot transfer your classes to a next session, or get a credit for missed classes. Attending classes you signed up for is your responsibility, and we offer options (and open studios) allowing you to make up for the class(es) you missed during the session in question.

Special cases: If you are prevented from attending more than 2/3 of a course for which you registered on account of prolonged serious illness or grave personal calamity, we will try to accommodate you by giving you AARTWERK credit. Keep in mind that non-timely cancellation may result in taking someone else’s spot; thus you will need to demonstrate the seriousness of your circumstances.

If you purchased through Coursehorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please contact Coursehorse here.